Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm back + Save the Pandabloggers!

Hey, pandas! So yes, i'm back for now. Sorry for not posting anything in a long time, but I have been busy with school, friends, figure skating and other stuff. Plus I finally updated my blog today. I changed my background and my header, as before my header still said "Kassia's superblog 2012" but it's 2013. So I edited my header on Picmonkey. Alright, so I have not been on Panfu since the summer...a long time. My gold panda membership is gone now (as of August). I'll still be checking the the Panfu blog, though. I also checked on my "save the pandabloggers" column on the side of my blog...and what happened? Barely anybody posts things anymore. We have to save the Pandabloggers before all of the bloggers stop posting. Anyways, here are some pictures of the updates (New font, edited header and new background):

Monday, August 20, 2012

'The Magic Ice Diamond' Mummy Returns

Hi, Pandas! Today I logged into Panfu, (finally) after 2 months of not going online. And I still have my Gold Panda membership! I'm not sure when excatly it expires, but I am guessing maybe next week. It's kind of sad though. I had a year Gold Panda membership and it is almost done. But I will hopefully get a month Gold Panda membership! :)
Moving on, today Max had a big suprise! Max, how nice to see you! It’s been so long since you last came to talk to me.” And who said that? Well, it was the Mummy from 'The Magic Ice Diamond' quest! Max wasn't really expecting that! The Mummy also told Max that the pink toilet paper that he used as bandages was getting holes in it and that it was disintegrating...So Max wanted to help out. With the help of Pandabeard and his cape, Max got into Lili's Salon and found some blue heart pattern bandages. Lili got a little shocked from seeing Max in the salon, but she got back to work. Now the Mummy is wearing patterned bandages-and he even wanted to keep the design! I guess he dosen't go in public anyways! xD
Well that is it for this post! xoxo, Kassia

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Larry Stylinson?

Hi, Pandas! Some of you may have noticed, I have a new that says Larry Stylinson. xD
So what is Larry Stylinson?! First of all you have to know what One Direction is, and One Direction is an awesome band! ;) Then there are the members of the band; Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall. So Louis and Harry have a special bond..errrm a weird one. So fans came up with the name Larry Stylinson to combine Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Make sense, right? xD
 xoxo, Kassia

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Summer Playlist

Hello, pandas! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been busy this summer so far. So I decided to make a summer playlist of my favourite summer songs! Well, of course One Direction is gonna be in it! Haha, here is the playlist: 1. Want u Back- Cher Lloyd
2. Up All Night- One Direction
3. Pound the Alarm- Nicki Minaj
4. Summer Paradise- Simple Plan
5. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)- Michael Jackson
6. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
7. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5
8. Where Have You Been- Rihanna
9. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry
10. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Vacation Plans!

Hello, pandas! Long time no posts, huh? Well, I thought I would tell you my summer vacation plans only because I will post some of my vacation Youtube videos on here. First off in my summer, I go to a different part of Canada, (which I'm not going to name, to keep as private information) and I will be heading there tomorrow night and hopefully arrive before 3:00 in the morning xD! Then I will be coming home and celebrating my 12th birthday on July 12th! If you post a birthday wishes post for, that would be so kind :). Then I will fly to Toronto, which is on the east side of Canada, and it has HUGE shopping malls! I have been there before, but this time round, I hope to visit all of the malls. Last, but not least, at the end of summer, I will be traveling to Finland to visit Estella! I am so excited to be in a cottage, jump off of a boat dock, AND hopefully pick wild blueberries and strawberries. Well, make sure to stay tuned in for more posts, and hopefully I will be able to post some vacation stuff as well. See ya soon! xoxo, Kassia

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Save the Whale!

Hello, Pandas! Today I finally got a chance to go check out the baby whale, Billy and see what is happening. Curley says that Billy wanted to escape a giant crab that wanted to pinch his fin, so he ended up in the Lake in Panfu! And now Billy is stuck, with fresh water instead of salt water. So Curley says that we will have to use our tears to make him happy! Sounds pretty silly, right? But it will help if a lot of pandas cry into the Lake to make it more like a home to Billy. Curley says that 100 cries per panda will do the trick. That is a lot of crying to do! So then, I started to cry and Billy got better after 100 cries. And that means I got the whale item from Curley. Well, that was a lot of work! Now, I have to come back next Wednesday to go in Billy's mouth or something. *Yawn* I am really tired. And hungry. Ahaa xD. This weekend, I will try to draw some more pictures, because my newest drawing is actually the one on my header. teehee, I am just really lazy. OH! And one other thing, I have just sent out Estella's birthday present for her birthday on May 23rd. Happy Early Birthday, Estella! Just click on her name to view her awesome blog! Well, thank you for reading and ya! xoxo, Kassia

P.S. Estella's gift is epic (:

P.P.S. My trip to Finland is planned for the summer! I will film lots, take pictures and maybe add in a few summer blog posts. Stay tuned in! (:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Starships! (;

Hey, Pandas! Lately, I have been obsessed with a song called "Starships" by Nicki Minaj. So, I did have a chance to make a video with me and my friend dancing to it! I love this song! Here is the video:
Oh yeah! Psh, I'm the one on the left. And I got a solo...sort of xD. Oh and one more thing I have to add to this post! I made an account on Tumblr, which is kind of like Blogger, though you can reblog posts and stuff like that! You can visit my Tumblr at Please check it out! Wow, I keep on using exclamation marks. Why am I telling you this? I don't know xD. Also, please check out my Youtube videos and yeahhh. Well, I will see you next time! xoxo, Kassia

P.S. Koala2000, you are one Cool Chica xD! You put my link on your blog, so THANK YOU! <333

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fashion Blogger♥

Hello, there! Today I am going to try a fashion blogger post! With in this post, please enjoy my favourite fashion choices that I either own or like! Let's start with the first item!

This is a black and silver sequin bag, $28 from PINK. And yes, there is a store called PINK xD. So, I actually own this item and it is very big! Great for travel, road trips or even a gym bag! There is a dog on it because the dog is part of the PINK logo! Actually at the store, there are huge stuffed dogs on the clothing racks. I seriously want to keep one like for my bed xD. Though, it is a great buy and if you get it, you will be very satisfied! Let's take a look at the next item:

This skirt is from Hollister & co. Even though I do not own this item it is on my wish list! It looks very nice for either the beach or a warm place! Finland gets pretty warm, does it not?! Hehe, well I am going there this summer! I love how this skirt has a bit of volume, just so it is not a piece of fabric around your waist xD. This skirt will also go nicely with a cardigan or a tank top and flip flops. I am already going into summer mode! Well, thanks for reading about my fashion choices! xoxo, Kassia

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Like OMGGGGG I want to go see the hunger games sooo bad and yeah kthxbye(:

The Ice Skating Mistake!

Hello, Pandas! So, today I made a mistake with the ice skating costume xD. Please read on to find about my story.... and yes this just happened xD. So, I just had logged on to Panfu, and then I checked my weekly gift, which was like a space pole. And then I though, hmmm, I wonder when I will have enough money to buy a figure skating costume. Then, I went out to play some games, and finally had earned enough money to buy the figure skating dress and skates! I was super excited to throw the new clothes on, and then I realized that I did not have enough money to buy the hair to the costume! Well, that is only one part of the mistake...xD. And then, I headed to the sports arena, thinking it was a skating rink, and I arrive and I am standing on grass in my skates! And yeah.... a whole bunch of pandas were like, "What are you wearing?!" Heheh, whoops, I should really pay attention to what I am doing or wearing xD. I totally wasted my money on something that did not turn out to be! Though, Lily did a good job at designing the costume and skates! And yes I was taking pictures of my "Adventure" to the "Skating rink". Here is my story put into picutres:

Well, that was pretty mixed up xoxo, Kassia